Wini's Wishlist

Make a resident's wish come true!

Most long-term care residents are on Medicaid, leaving them just $40 a month to purchase clothes, blankets, personal snacks, and other needs. To meet this need, we are launching Wini’s Wishlist, a year-round gift campaign.

Wini Yunker served as the Ombudsman in Jessamine County for more than 10 years. Her fearless spirit led her to Ukraine through the Peace Corps at 65, rappelling down the Blue Building at 79, and to the Ombudsman program until she was 84 years old.

Wini was dedicated to making sure the residents she served felt seen. She gave each resident a birthday card with a small gift.

To recognize her generosity, we are re-naming Silver Bells in her honor.

Funds received will be used to provide residents with those basic needs like blankets, clothes, and snacks as well as services like haircuts.

Thank you for your continued support of our 6,900 residents.